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Daycare Detector

One of my favorite things about attending conferences is meeting fantastic people such as Malisa. We connected at one of these events and exchanged information. After the conference, she reached out to me about teaming up with her and her husband Martin on an exciting web application idea.

The app, Daycare Detector, helps parents locate daycare facilities in their area. You can learn more in an interview she did with TECH{dot}MN and see the full MVP of the site at

Step One for the project was the branding process. I worked closely with Malisa to understand her vision and tone for the app. From there I got to work.

We started with a Branding Questionnaire and mood boards. Malisa filled out the questionnaire with some of the most thoughtful answers I’ve ever seen, and I loved her ideas for the overall vibe of the app. The keywords we came up with were sophisticated, clean, simple, bright, modern, and white space. You can see below how those words came together visually in the mood board.

Daycare Detector Mood Board.jpg

Malisa absolutely loved the mood board, and that let me know that we were on the right track. I kept these keywords in mind as I worked on logo options. Below, you can see the original options


Malisa and Martin were immediately drawn to the first option (which was my favorite as well). The idea behind this logo was to create a mark that would allude to the location aspect of the app. I worked with a font to get the shape of the “d” and then recreated it as the abstract shape of the map pin. They both loved the idea of the pin and requested revisions that would help accentuate the pin even more. I gave them a few variations to consider. Below is the one they chose.


Finalizing their logo was an important milestone, as this image became the foundation for their digital and print materials. You can see how we applied this branding to business cards, postcards, and the landing page of the app itself. Seeing how the design came together makes me even more excited to show off the completed app! View some of the designs below or see it in action at

Home Page 2.png
DD Map Page Graphic.jpg
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